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Like the new site?
Thu Jan 08 04:28:14 UTC 2004
Well, after a long, long time, I've finally updated the site. About two years ago, I created this site as a gift to my wife when she asked me for a program to keep track of her recipes. Not to think small, I went ahead and created an entire website with professional quality features. Surfice it to say, my wife was quite happy. :-)

Unfortunately, I didn't count on how popular the site would become. In the time that I've been devoting toward growing a money making business (see:, this site has grown to over 1500 users with ~2800 recipes! As a result, my wife and I have been discussing what to do about it.

Given how constrained my time is, it just wouldn't make sense to make major upgrades to the site. We considered adding advertising, but the only way to make money on that would be to turn the site into a place with lots of banners and popup windows. I'd rather pay for upgrades out of my pocket than do that.

The decision we came to, was to add a tip jar feature. Very simply, if you like the site, consider clicking on the jar to the left. It will take you to PayPal where you can use just about any payment form to send us a buck or two. If there's some feature in specfic you need, attach a note to your donation or use the "Suggestions" feature on the left to tell us what your donation was for.

Allow me to stress that my family and I are not starving. In fact, this site has helped make me a little fat. ;-) But time is money, and I'm running this site on personal hardware. If there's a feature you'd like to see, or a general improvement, throw a couple of bucks our way! Here's a few things I know people want:

- A way to download all your recipes to your computer. I've actually got an idea for a nice recipe "book" for download.

- Allow more than 64K of recipes to be downloaded to a palm pilot.

- A forum for posting tips and tricks on cooking.

- A way for visitors to narrow the list down to recipes submitted by one person. (Quite a few of you have asked to be able to link to your database from your website.)

- A better domain name. :-) ($9.95 per year from GoDaddy, plus a one time $35 setup fee)

I'm sure there are others. Feel free to click on the link below this message to add your own ideas and comments.

One last thing. If I didn't get back to your email, I apologize. I got to as many as I could, but I'm afraid that many of the things that prevented me from maintaining this site, prevented me from responding. My wife and I will start handling the emails together to hopefully improve our response.

Happy Cooking!

Jerason Banes
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